• Carbon Nanotubes in Epoxy matrix
  • Carbon fibre processing line for nanocomposite production
  • Carbon Nanotubes in CFRP with epoxy matrix
From nano-scale properties to macro-scale performance: We have have developed a toolbox for improving the composite system multi-functional performance using nanotechnology.

Nano-enabled Prepreg

Adamant Composites Ltd. introduces the NANO-ENABLED pre-pregs in the composite market.

NANO-ENABLING is the process of the treating commercial pre-preg materials using tailored nano-formulations towards specific performance characteristics. NANO-ENABLING is developed to have minimum impact on processing and handling characteristics of commercial pre-preg products and no (or minimal) impact on the composite manufacturing process parameters

The key steps of the technology are:

  • The Customer delivers the prepreg roll that he wants nano-enabled from Adamant Composites to specifically tailor and design, along with his requirements on properties
  • Adamant Composites designs the nano-reinforcement specifically for this prepreg and the customer requirements
  • Provided that the finalized product satisfies the requirements and that nano-enabling has produced a material that satisfies the customer requirements, a larger quantity of prepreg is delivered and modified.
  • The prepreg rolls is constantly monitored for temperature and out-life, so that a record of its treatment exists and the manufacturing facility is aware of the out-life reduction associated with each roll.

    Depending on customer requirements, (and based on previous experience with industrial partners) the outputs can be:

  • Increased fracture toughness
  • Increased damage tolerance
  • Increased through thickness electrical conductivity
  • The final output is dependent on the actual requirements of the customer and the initial materials nature. Process parameters of the prepreg are due to remain quite close to the original prepreg parameters. However since nano-enabling is specifically designed to the customer's prepreg these depend on both the prepreg and the customer's requirements.

    Let's discuss your application and we can provide a complete strategy - nano-enabling, processing and manufacturing - to increase performance of your composite system with minimal impact on the production procedures.

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