• Analysis of Composite Laminate under Iosipescu Shear Loading
  • Analysis of Composite Laminate under Tension
  • Analysis of Composite Panel under Compression After Impact
Typical examples of modeling progressive damage of composites: (1) Iosipescu Shear Test, (2) Tension test, (3) Compression After Impact Test

Engineering and Scientific Services on Design & Analysis of Advanced Structures

With a long background and experience in design and analysis of composite structures, we offer a ranging palette of expertise in analyzing composite systems, from simple quasi-static mechanical analysis to very complex multi-physics and high rate phenomena.

Our services cover:

  • Case studies
  • Design of Experiments
  • Certification by analysis
  • Mechanical design and analysis covers stress, damage, fatigue and impact as well as modal, PSD, damping, crash and high strain rate phenomena.

    Thermal design and analysis ranges from steady state to transient phenomena for aerospace applications.

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